Koila’s e-billing software provides advanced modules for the easy use by clients. These modules are developed after intensive research by Koila’s software experts. The modules will be useful for utility companies catering to wide range of industries like energy, water, gas, telecom etc. the main modules provided by the system are:

This module captures consumption details and shows the final reading. This accurate metering system is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the entire billing process. Besides measuring consumption details, it also captures revenue loss and other glitches, if any, in clients metering system.

Through this module, customers are able to bill their users quickly and easily. This module ensures that billing process is uniformly done and instances of outstanding are reduced as far as possible. It also handles functional complaints and solves customer queries in a short turnaround. The billing module is extremely comprehensive in that it handles functions relating to generation, issue and printing of customer bills.

This captures payment details extensively to avoid disconnections. This module intends to increase functionality of the billing software and make it customer friendly. This makes the collections process more transparent and traceable. Users are always aware of their status of payments and if their connection is at a risk of disconnection.

This module is meant for upgrading the web-based billing software. It helps in maintaining, operating and upgrading of the physical assets involved in the system. This will ensure that the client’s billing process runs smooth with the help of periodic mathematical analyses.

This enhances customer usability; at the time when a new connection is applied for. The module allows the customer to manage and track applications through multiple tracking channels.This reduces the time taken for a new connection and updates customer data effectively in the system. This module proves indispensable for smooth and error-free billing process for the client.

The modules described above are only few of the upgraded ones in the automated billing systems. Some of the other modules include disconnection, energy audit, reliability indices to name a few. All the modules are integrated with one another for greater efficiency and accuracy of the system.

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