Koila’s billing software is built on an easy-to-use interface suitable for users of all domains. The diagram below shows the usual workflow of the system and a brief description of each process.

This is where the user has to log in with the correct username and password. Upon logging in the first time to the application, the user has to select a hint question and has to select an answer for it.

This is the common module access given to all the users by default. It shows the jobs due for the day for the ‘logged in’ user. This is the first screen users get to see after they have logged in.

This feature allows the users to their password and other personal details like email, phone and fax number etc.

The two main functions of this module are: a. Manage Users and b. Manage roles. This module also enables users to reset the passwords. The feature also allows some add-on functionalities like tariff, dynamic report generation etc.

This module shows the charges and taxes for different categories of the consumers. It allows to apply the same charges on different service bills with various structures like slab, equation, and value etc. the module is user friendly and enables to add, delete, and edit the tariff without the need for restarting the system.

This module enables the user to create a new connection. It helps to create various types of connections like permanent and temporary. Users can also opt for different categories like domestic, non-domestic, industrial, agricultural, street light etc. on furnishing of the required proof; the user is given a unique id for further status of the connection.

This is one of the major modules in the entire workflow as it involves backend processes by different users at different levels. It enables adding and editing of meter reading and information tracking for new and requested connections.

These modules help in automated generation and payment of bills. It also generates services bills for other services used by consumers and allows complete management of the whole payment collection. The module generates the reports for a cumulative billing period and posts the checks to the bank with the execution dates.

Portfolio helps in managing back office processing like generating disconnection notice, moratorium bills, cheque returns etc. inventory manages meters, transformers, miscellaneous materials, material prices and handheld devices. It also allows users to add, edit and delete inventory and manage models and their pricing.

The workflow has been designed with great efficiency and minimal errors. The application is able to address various issues faced by the customer in a prompt and satisfactory manner.

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