Our web-based billing solution is designed to give our clients an easier, faster and smarter billing process. Through our application, we aim to serve as a one-stop shop for our utility clients and make their billing process top-notch and one-of-a-kind.

We enable easy access to all the functionalities in a standalone application. This application is integrated with the database server in BCC (Bill Collection Centres). However, if finds user that there is no link to the master database, he has the option to switch over to the standalone application to carry out the billing operations. We update our local database server on a regular basis to support error-free off-line bill collection

We give our customers full access to the system – this makes bill generation easier for them and they can create customized billing reports and can also identify errors quickly by themselves.

The authorized users are enabled to a centralized process automation system. Through the application, they are able to connect to URL and can perform essential activities like change requests, claims process, view bill reports etc. the process is made simple through secured login credentials. The process reduces the need for any third-party intervention to a large and allows immediate rectification of bugs and errors within the application.

Our application will enable you to generate a wide range of reports customized to each module in the billing process. Clients can generate reports in any suitable format of their choice such as .csv, .xls etc. the report generation process is easy-to-understand – the user has to simply key in the desired field or module (of which the report is required) - the report thus generated will contain all necessary billing details for easy processing and analysis.

The user is also allowed to customize the report formats by selecting the desired fields in the desired fields in the reports. Such detailed customization of reports allows users to analyze and interpret billing reports on their own. With this the entire process becomes sleek, faster and more automated.

Our billing application can be integrated with Geographical Information System (GIS) based consumer indexing. GIS-based integration facilitates the billing process by making it faster and reduces inherent errors. This translates into more transparent, centralized and high-end web application system. This is how it works:

Once the clients have the deposit bill generated, they can populate the new connection details into GIS for generating an unique CIN (Customer Identification Number). The back-end billing system picks up the CIN and initiates the new connection process. This is then mapped into the final billing system.

Our application allows full retrieval of consumer related data while accessing the database. This implies that the application is capable of displaying the finest of consumer details according to the user’s choice and requirements. The user can then use and analyze these details as per the requirements or simply store in the server for future reference. Clients thus have more precision while using the end-users’ billing data and can use their own discretion regarding its importance, management and usage.

Our billing application is compatible with most software like J2EE, JSF, Oracle 9i, to name a few and has an easy installation process. We make the software maintenance system easier through an end-to-end defect testing processes each for data, interfaces, environment and system dependencies.

Our billing system is supported by world-class technical architecture that simplifies the system and makes it scalable. Through a superior integrated software system, our clients will be able to manage customer contracts, subscription and billing information, generate bill, track payments and also keep inventory of various materials such as meters, transformers, circuit breakers etc.

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